Ayrent Property Management

Ayrent Property Management


Established on 13th August 2018 and registered in Ghana as INVESTLAW GH. LTD, AYRENT is the brand name for the Real Estates Division of Investlaw Gh. Ltd.  We are a Company that has at our disposal legal, engineering and financial minds that execute great Spatial Engineering Initiatives (SEIs) by virtue of our multi-trained and multi-faceted driving workforce. Our Synergies combined, we offer a legalese free approach towards Property Management.

Our Service Offerings

Ayrent Property Management
  • Property Advisory Services
  • Finance Brokerage for Construction
  • Procuring Legal Representation in Property Litigations.
  • Construction Engineering Services
  • Property Leasing
  • Retail Leasing
  • Commercial Leasing Broking
  • Industrial Space Leasing & Management
  • Property Disputes Management
  • Rentals of Residential Properties
  • Commercial Broking
  • Legal Documentation with respect to landed properties/acquisitions,
  • Corporate Real Estate Services
  • Management of Various Facilities (Auditoriums to Event Grounds, etc.)
  •  Property & Project Management
  • Construction Site Supervisions


Ayrent Property Management

At AYRENT we create an enabling environment that brings to bear the Synergies of all players in the supply chain.

Property Management refers to the group of services that an owner/investor hires a professional property manager or management company to perform. These Group of Services is what AYRENT delivers- our Delivery Modes. The quality of management directly affecting the profitability of the property being managed (Asset Management) is therefore our major concern. We seek to protects the owner’s / investors capital investment in real estate and makes sure that the property generates profit (ROI). 

We bring to the fore

  • Profitability Of Property Management Business
  • Evaluating and Selecting Investment Properties
  • Establishing Favorable Leasing Terms and Conditions
  • How to Screen and Select Tenants
  • Understanding Areas of Asset M
  • Maintenance Concerns
  • Hiring Employees & Contractors
  • Managing Legal and Financial Issues
  • Establishing Healthy Tenant Relationships
  • Enforcing Rent Due D
  • Specific Housing Markets
  • Affordable Housing
  • Asset Management
  • Statutory Compliances
  • ROI
  • Cap Rates




At AYRENT we believe in a legalese free interface Between our clients and their tenants. Our module is as follows:


Each stage is flexible to allow for client special needs as well as tenants’/users’ expectations. All legal documents are prepared at our own cost



At AYRENT your tenancy agreements are our delight.

Whilst entailing statutory terms and covenants, the following are :

  • Landlord Data
  • Tenant Names & Addresses
  • Tenant’s Bio Data
  • Property Description
  • Rental Amount & Due Dates
  • Currency of Payments
  • Rentals or Lease – Specific Terminology
  • Deposits &Late Fees
  • Re-Entry Rights
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Limits on Occupancy
  • Restrictions on Disruptive & illegal Behaviour
  • Fixtures & Fittings
  • Agency Fees
  • Witness Data
  • Outgoings
  • Rental / Lease Duration
  • Defined Usage of Space
  • Renewal Clauses
  • Termination & Determination Clauses
  • Subletting Clauses
  • Owner Used Required
  • Events of Default
  • Nuisance
  • Rules On Pets

Property-Specific Terms may also be discussed and incorporated therein. Key to all terms is the right of the landlord to re-enter the demised premises upon the triggering of any of the events of default, statutorily.