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Who We Are

InvestLaw Ghana Limited is a Limited Liability Company registered to carry on the Business of Corporate Advisory Services for Projects and Financial Interests across Africa and Beyond. It is a wholly owned Ghanaian Company. InvestLaw has a Human Resource combination of Legal, Managerial & Financial Experts with vast years of Top Legal & Managerial Experiences.

At InvestLaw, Corporate Lawyers are at first hand to assist you in handling all the necessary legal documentation for either setting up your business interests in Africa & Beyond. Further, all your legal documents & due-diligence will be taken care off by Best Corporate Attorneys with varied Professional backgrounds both in the Academia and Business World.

Invest Law Gh

Further InvestLaw is deep into commercial spaces creation, construction, renting, management and services thereafter.

With a vast Research & Development Team, we cut across to ensure that the Best Business Corporate Practices & International Standards and Certifications are integrated into all the documentation that you need. We are Lawyers & Financial Experts for your Corporate needs with regards to Spaces, from Creation through Construction to Management.

InvestLaw has a number of International Partnering/Entities across Africa & Beyond. This being one of our greatest intangible assets, you can count on us for the Best KYC compliances and executions.

We trust to doing good business with you, both in Africa & Beyond….

Top Management Profile

A Corporate Structure/Fabric that is traditionally woven with Rich Ghanaian Academia & Business Personnel governs InvestLaw Ghana Limited. The Board of Directors is chaired by no less a person than Professor John B.K.Aheto. The Board Secretary is Mr. Kingsley Amoakwa-Boadu ESQ. 

Invest Law Gh



David is a hybrid of Both the Sciences and Humanities. Professionally, he has worked as an Architect on some major Housing Projects in Ghana. He has delivered some major schemes from Land Acquisitions, through Turn Keys, to Property Management.

He was on the Technical Team of the First Ghana Quality Awards Scheme. David has vast experience when it comes to Construction Labour Management and Site Management. From Production Lines to Deliverables, he is one of Ghana’s most sought after Architects due to a balance of professional and academic qualities in his portfolio. David has been involved in the Juvenile Justice Project (JJP) appraisal for PlanGhana under the Sponsorship of the European Union.

He’s a Lawyer and into Corporate Litigation, Investment and Contractual Drafts of major Economic Concerns. He is involved in Corporate Affairs and has a rare taste and passion for Excellence.

Additionally, David is a Musician, plays the Piano and Saxophone and is a Lover & Composer of Godly Gospel Music, African Music and Fine Jazz.

He’s the Founder of TRINITY PRAISE CHRISTIAN CENTER and the Presiding Bishop.



The Chairman affectionately called PROF is an accomplished academician with a hand in virtually all the Universities in Ghana. He is a financial Consultant to the World Bank and has a wide range of Academic and Business Qualifications, Portfolio and Dynamics.

Prof has taught for several years in the United States and Ghana and a number of African Countries. He organizes Financial Seminars/Conferences for Top notch Managers and is well known and accomplished both here in Ghana, Africa & the Global Business World.

Prof loves Jazz Music and a regular participant of virtually all activities in his village. He has a Heart for Humanity.





Alex is a high profiled Retired Finance and Banking Expert with over 40 years of experience. He rose through all the major ranks of the Agricultural Development Bank, (ADB) Ghana, to be its General Manager from 2002-2006.

Alex has handled various Executive Roles and Assignments within Ghana’s Banking Industry and is an External Resource Person at the Ghana National Banking College, Accra. At ADB, he won the Best Branch Manager of the Year Award for 1992 & 1993. An accomplished businessman in the Petroleum Industry also, Alex is a Lay Preacher of the Gospel and a Marriage Counselor.

Alex has an exceptional interest in computers and information technology and loves playing and listening to music, especially jazz and gospel.