Corporate Business Advisory Services For Projects in Africa & Beyond.

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Who We Are

InvestLaw Ghana Limited is a Limited Liability Company registered to carry on the Business of Corporate Advisory Services for Projects and Financial Interests across Africa and Beyond. It is a wholly owned Ghanaian Company. InvestLaw has a Human Resource combination of Legal, Managerial & Financial Experts with vast years of Top Legal & Managerial Experiences.

We offer services which includes :

Ayrent Property Management

Invest Law Gh


Established on 13th August 2018 and registered in Ghana as INVESTLAW GH. LTD, AYRENT is the brand name for the Real Estates Division of Investlaw Gh. Ltd

We are a Company that has at our disposal legal, engineering and financial minds that execute great Spatial Engineering Initiatives (SEIs) by virtue of our multi-trained and  multi-faceted driving workforce. Our Synergies combined, we offer a legalese free approach towards Property Management.